Donos Kulturalny


Donos Kulturalny

REWA is not only a musical confrontation of two cultural traditions, it’s also a fascinating attempt to redefine music making within the context of the interaction of instrumentalists from diametrically different environments.

Such centuries-old musical traditions didn’t prevent the creation of the very modern music on Rewa. They are part of the improvisations, often suggesting unobvious, modern associations, and each combine to form one coherent narrative, often smoothly transitioning from one to another.

The final track, Te Tangi A Mutu, makes a great impression. Lasting over fifteen minutes, it is the quintessence of the entire album, an emotional, moving piece with surprising turns that traverse time and space to distant ages and territories

Rewa is an unusual journey, one that perfectly combines the elements of exoticism, tradition, and modernity. Extremely original. Fascinating.


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