David Prior and Dugal McKinnon first met in the studios of the University of Birmingham, where both were undertaking PhDs in composition. A few minutes of conversation revealed a shared enthusiasm for the work of particular composers and performers, a love of improvisation, and a fascination with the infinitely expressive possibilities of recording as an artistic medium.

This led on to an initial collaboration, Ways of Hearing, created for London’s Resonance FM, and an ongoing exchange of ideas and music. While sharing an apartment in Berlin, the "Arcades project" was germinated, and grew – slowly – into the album Who’s Most Lost?, an album that betrays the duo's obsession with recording as an art form (the painterly precision with which they deftly sculpt sound), but is equally rich in nuanced and expressive performances.


David Prior is a musician and an artist. His work spans song-writing and concert music, sound installations, listening walks, and radio programmes. With architect Frances Crow, he’s a partner in liminal, a studio specializing in making work which explores the relationship between sound and space.


Dugal McKinnon’s work embraces a tangle of musical practices, sub-cultures, and tastes, a sound artist with a fascination for the ways sound can materialize and de-materialize objects. He also writes on contemporary music, but his love of literature is channelled into writing lyrics for Arcades and texts for his own vocal compositions.