Jeremy Mayall

Jeremy Mayall is a composer and performer based in Hamilton. He works in music, sound art, installation, multi-sensory and multimedia formats, with a focus on exploring his fascination in the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. He is a creative collaborator, was the Mozart Fellow (composer-in-residence) at Otago University for 2014-2015 and is also a lecturer at Wintec.

Jeremy started as a musician with piano lessons as a young child, then progressed to drums, harmonica, bass, and eventually turntables. melodica, theremin, and all forms of electronic keyboards and sound generators. He likes to perform with unconventional instruments such as iPhones and watering cans, and regularly sings with several bands and in theatrical stage shows.

His holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in music, and a Master's Degree (receiving First Class Honours) majoring in composition. He is currently completing doctoral studies in composition at the University of Waikato. Jeremy is the recipient of a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, and was the Creative/Performing Arts Person of the Year for 2005, Media Personality of the Year 2005, and the inaugural winner of the Sir Edmund Hillary Medal. He is also the recipient of the Hamilton City Council BeatStreet award for Excellence in Creative and Performing Arts, and the Hamilton City Council Supreme Youth Award in 2008.

Jeremy’s first project for Rattle, Where We Overlap, is a musical collaboration with five other composer/performers who each share a strong affinity for sonic art — Kent Macpherson, Horomona Horo, Haco, Reuben Bradley, and Megan Berry.