Jack Body


Jack Body travelled to remote locations across the Pacific Rim and beyond documenting living folk music traditions. In the footsteps of such masters as Bartok, he recorded, collected, transcribed, then recreated his experiences in a Western musical context.

The original sources are revealed fully on a bonus disc. The composer’s transcriptions reflect the varieties of rhythm, melody, colour, and that fundamental life-force, pulse, which unites all musics, all people, all life.

Produced by Jack Body
Executive production by Keith Hill
Engineered by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc

Rattle gratefully thank Creative New Zealand, Victoria University, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand String Quartet, Roy Carr, and Budi Putra for their support of this project.

Released: 30 May 2001
Catalogue: RAT-D009

...stunningly imaginative arrangements... Jack Body can fairly claim to be New Zealand’s most important composer after the late Douglas Lilburn...
— John Button, THE DOMINION