Chris Cree Brown is a freelance composer and sonic artist. His main interests include conventional instrumental composition, electro-acoustic and computer music, and inter-media art.

He has twice been awarded the Mozart Fellowship at the University of Otago, has twice been appointed Composer-in-Schools, has won two prizes in the Wellington Youth Orchestra's Young Composers Competition, and has written a number of film scores.

Along with Icescape for orchestra, is an electro-acoustic work, Under Erebus that were both a result of a trip to Antarctica under the Artists to Antarctica programme run under the auspices of Antarctic New Zealand (and with the assistance of Creative New Zealand).

Memories Apart for chamber ensemble (2002), Icescape for orchestra (2003), Remote Presence for piano (2007) and the Viola Concerto (2015) were finalist compositions in the Sounz Contemporary Music Awards, and in 2010 he won the award with Inner Bellow, for Clarinet and Fixed Media.

He has a strong interest in Aeolian harps and in 2002 exhibited a design in the Christchurch Botanical gardens as part of the Art and Industry Scape Biennale.

His work has been performed in many countries, including Australia, England, Finland, Hungary, France, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, and the United States of America.