Curated by John Coulter

A set of five works created specifically for the sounddome, a 25-loudspeaker instrument designed for composing with space that brings to life a three-dimensional sound world previously conceivable only in the imagination of the composer.

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Composed, recorded and produced by John Coulter

TRANSCENDENCE (2017) 35:55
Composed, recorded and produced by Chris Cree Brown

SIGNAL (2016) 9:33
Composed, recorded and produced by David Downes

SOUNDINGS (2018) 17:47
Composed, recorded and produced by John Elmsly
1. Motionless (5:09)
2. Tongue Dreams (4:13)
3. Twinkle (3:02)
4. In Moonlight (2:12)
5. Auras (3:07)

LOGOS (2018) 11:05
Composed, recorded and produced by Paul Smith

Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Special thanks to SoundDome Trustees, Clovis McEvoy, John Kim and David Rylands

This project was made possible with support from the University of Auckland

Released: 22 March 2019
Catalogue: RAT-D087

While the Sun Shines

It wasn't until his mid-40s that John recognised the wisdom contained in the farming-related ethics he grew up with, to appreciate what his father tried to share by exposing the family to life in the country. The saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’ reflects the notion that 'if you have an opportunity to do something, do it before the opportunity expires'.


The title of this piece embraces both the world of dreams and the idea that every individual is connected to a Universal Consciousness. The work is an attempt to touch on many questions regarding the nature of existence, to present two levels of human consciousness - the awake (alert) state and the dream state, more specifically, the Lucid Dream state.


This piece was inspired by a couple of areas of interest that David started to explore during his time as Composer-in-Residence at the NZ School of Music. One is the sound of language, especially its intriguing fragmentary/fluid character., and the other is the voice as a carrier of representations of meaning and experience between inner and outer worlds.


One of the pleasures of working in the SoundDome space for John was to rediscover the life within environmental recordings, and to compose with these sounds and their implicit images and meanings. The location recordings used were mainly waves and flowing water, but a squeaky gate in warm summer air also contributed to John’s “flying thoughts”.


This work uses sacred geometry and mediating ratios that Paul derived from research into medieval cathedral design, and was composed with a fixed media track to evoke the acoustic properties of a physical cathedral space. The title refers to the human fixation with geometric proportion as a manifestation of the meta-physical, which the ancient Greeks called Logos.