Olivier Holland

Bassist, composer, arranger, and educator, Olivier Holland has performed at major festivals and venues in Europe, Australasia, and the US, with artists such as Geoffrey Keezer, Terreon Gully, Joscho Stephan, Denis Gaebel, Danny Weiss, Djamel Laroussi, Nathan Haines, Whirimako Black, Stefon Harris, John Goldsby, Doug Lawrence, Jamey Oehlers, James Muller, and Florian Ross to name a few. 2017 also saw him perform and present at the ISB (International Society of Bassists) world convention in New York.

He has to date contributed to 22 CD releases, 3 of which are his own projects. He has appeared on four Rattle releases: Irony (FSH Trio, 2009), Refractions (Nick Granville, 2013); Dog and No Dogs Allowed.

Additionally to his extensive performance and recording activities, Olivier’s research interests include aspects pertaining to playing technique for jazz double bass and electric bass. Accordingly, he has published an article entitled “The Personalisation of Jazz Bass Pizzicato” in the US magazine “Bass World” in 2016.