Nick Granville Group

Refractions is the first outing on Rattle Jazz from Wellington-based guitarist/composer, Nick Granville, joined by the Auckland dream-team of Roger Manins, Olivier Holland, and Ron Samsom.

The tunes were written as a result of Nick’s study of (and respect for) the music of American jazz luminary, John Scofield. While Scofield’s influence is evident, the dominant voice unmistakably belongs to Nick and his exceptional sidemen. But this album is more than a mere homage. Nick pursues his personal artistic vision with a single-minded rigour that nods to the past, enriches the present, and produces a new combination of elements that look to the future.

Nick Granville (guitar), Roger Manins (sax), Olivier Holland (bass) and Ron Samsom (drums)

Recorded by John Kim and David Ryland, mixed and mastered by Steve Garden, designed by UnkleFranc, printed by Studio Q

Released: 21 August 2013
Catalogue: RAT-J-1017