Portuguese-born Paulo Chagas is a wilfully eclectic musician, having devoted much of his career to experimentalism. He is a dedicated composer, multi-instrumentalist (woodwinds, electronics), teacher, writer and music promoter, and being by nature a maverick, he has committed his life to the research of new (or renewed) solutions and links between the sounds he explores.

From his earliest years as a musician, Paulo has had a broad interest in all musical forms, from folk, pop and rock, through jazz, fusion, improvised music, and classical. He studied oboe, composition, acoustics and music history at the National Conservatory of Lisbon (1980-1985), where he joined Orchestral and Chamber Music ensembles, but before long he devoted himself to jazz, studying with saxophonists David Binney and Perico Sambeat.

Describing himself as a “music addict”, Paulo is an avid performer, keen to experiment, record, perform, and he regularly performs and records with an ever-widening range of musicians and collectives. For him, music is an Art form that is intrinsically linked to the ongoing search for the meaning of life.