Improvised music for piano and wind instruments featuring to very fine European musicians, Tania Giannouli (piano) and Paulo Chagas (wind instruments).

"There is no need to play a lot of notes in order to make exciting music – the secret is to choose the right ones. That’s what Giannouli and Chagas achieve with Forest Stories, an album of beautiful, impressionistic pieces that allow us to see that musical construction should be made in harmony with silence. The music on this album has great simplicity and clarity, sometimes pastoral, other times energetic, but always harmonious to the ear. I predict that Forest Stories will become a "must have" for fans of contemplative avant-garde." — João Pedro Viegas, Musician, Musical Programmer and reviewer at All Jazz,, TomaJazz, and Oro Molido

Produced by Tania Giannouli & Paulo Chagas
Engineered by Casimiro Loupa & Tania Giannouli
Edited and mixed by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos & Tania Giannouli
Mastered by Steve Garden
Photography by Andreas
Designed by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

All works © Tania Giannouli & Paulo Chagas (2012)
Tania Giannouli:
Paulo Chagas:

Released: 20 December 2012
Catalogue: RAT-D042