The Troubles made a huge reputation for themselves as the resident band at Wellington’s ‘Meow’. They comprise of a percussionist of international repute (the irrepressible and inimitable John Rae), and a constantly maelable line-up of New Zealand’s most talented and sought after musicians.

They present engaging and eclectic programmes of original and newly arranged traditional jazz compositions, music that ranges in origin from traditional blues, swing and ballads, to works influenced by traditions of the Middle East, Mediterranean, and South America.

What makes this music and its presentation particularly special is the unique mixture of composition and spontaneous improvisation, from extended solos to restructuring a piece in mid-performance in response to the energy in the room.

At heart, The Troubles represent the new frontier of chamber music, combining the intimacy of small ensemble interplay with the broader communicative chaos of audience engagement. This is very fluid music with a fierce individuality, music that creates new experiences for audiences and ensemble members alike by pushing generic boundaries, bringing together influences from classical, jazz, and world music traditions to create a unique musical experience that is, first and foremost, life affirming and joyful.