Peripheral Hearing

Brad Dutz Quartet

The Brad Dutz Quartet is an acoustic ensemble comprised of oboe, cello, clarinets, and percussion. Their music combines 20th century classical chamber music with elements of improvisation and jazz.

Oboe and cello are rarely associated with jazz, a form that allows relatively more freedom than is usually found within classical forms. Consequently, no other group sounds quite like the Brad Dutz Quartet, which over four albums has created a body of music that is challenging, at times difficult, but always fun. Peripheral Hearing is no exception, a richly rewarding album of 21st-century music.

Brad Dutz (mallets, hand percussion), Paul Sherman (oboe, English horn), Chris Votek (cello), Jim Sullivan & Brian Walsh (clarinets), and featuring Jasper Dutz on soprano sax and bass clarinet

Produced by Brad Dutz & Chris Votek, recorded by Chris Votek, mixed and mastered by Wayne Peet at Newzone Audio, original artwork by Kaoru Mansour, photography by Jay Matsueda, designed by UnkleFranc, printed by Studio Q

Released: 15 November 2013
Catalogue: RAT-D044