Kevin Haines

Kevin Haines is a double bass player who has played in the New Zealand jazz scene for over 50 years. After a long and continuing career, Haines now also teaches at the Auckland University School of Music. He currently plays with the jazz trio Samsom Nacey Haines, who have released two albums for Rattle, Oxide (2011) and Cross Now (2013). The music of Samsom Nacey Haines, particularly on Cross Now, reflects ideas that the trio have developed over their time working together, and while the results are harmonically and thematically complex, the music is nevertheless full of feeling and is very accessible to all listeners, something that Kevin is especially proud of.

Kevin started playing at 15 in his brother’s band. Frank Gibson Snr (who at that time was a very influential musician in Auckland) heard him play and gave him a gig playing two nights a week. He took a chance on Kevin and taught him a lot about being a professional musician. Before long he was playing with great musicians, such as Alan Broadbent, Tony Hopkins, Mike Walker, and Roger Sellers, and his career as one of New Zealand’s most respected, musical, and rock-solid bass players took off.