Following their debut Rattle release, Oxide (2011), this new release from Samson Nacey Haines is a strikingly coherent and focused work, a very strong offering from one of New Zealand's most highly regarded improvising ensembles.

Inspiration often comes unexpectedly for musicians. When Kevin Haines told me about the insistent cross/walk audio warning that kept waking him during a recent visit to Kanazawa, I thought it was funny how of all the wonderful memories that come from a journey, the ones that stand out most are completely unpredictable. 'Cross Now' is the directive (or cue) that tells us when it's possibly safe to enter the zone where most events happen: the intersection. When we create music together, ideas become the place or intersection where separate thoughts combine into a unified whole. One of most the important aspects of music making is the risk that it could all go terribly wrong. This is the edge that makes music feel alive and in the moment. The musical intersections we've created on this album serve as a place for ideas to collide, so please 'cross now' and enjoy the journey.” — Ron Samsom, 2013

Ron Samsom (drums), Dixon Nacey (guitar), Kevin Haines (bass)

Recorded and mixed by Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios, mastered by Steve Garden at Garden Shed Studio, photography by Kevin Haines (cover) and Mark Casey (group shots), designed by UnkleFranc, printed by Studio Q

All compositions by Ron Samsom, Dixon Nacey, and Kevin Haines © 2013

Released: 15 May 2013
Catalogue: RAT-J-1016