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2019 JAZZ ARTIST OF THE YEAR, finalist

2017 JAZZ COMPOSITION OF THE YEAR for Deep Thought (track 7) by Callum Allardice

Antipodes is a project that combines New Zealand and Australian jazz musicians co-led by pianist Luke Sweeting, saxophonist Jake Baxendale, and guitarist Callum Allardice. The group plays original compositions with an emphasis on melody, emotive soundscapes, and an open improvisational aesthetic. Their music is drawn from diverse influences — modern New York jazz meets Swedish indie pop and European free improv.

“I was taken aback by how sophisticated was this [is] … how perfect were the harmonies of the front liners … the sound merging so neatly and satisfyingly … [with an] air of clarity and refinement. Classy playing with deep intent.” — Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz

Luke Sweeting (piano)
Jake Baxendale (saxophone)
Callum Allardice (guitar)
Ken Allars (trumpet)
Max Alduca (bass)
Aidan Lowe (drums)

Produced by Antipodes
Compositions by Jake Baxendale, Callum Allardice, Luke Sweeting, and Max Alduca
Recorded and mixed by Richard Belkner at Free Energy Device Studios in Sydney
Mastered by Nate Wood
Cover art by Irene Miller (
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Released: 07 September 2018
Catalogue: RAT-J-1042


ANTIPODES | Aidan Lowe (drums), Ken Allars (trumpet), Max Alduca (bass), Luke Sweeting (piano), Callum Allardice (guitar), Jake Baxendale (saxophone)

Antipodes hits the mark on a number of levels. Firstly the writing is superb. The musicianship is also great but for me it is the communication of a shared vision that lifts them above the ordinary.
— John Fenton, Jazz Local 32
A great blowing band with dense heads, occasional free and floating segments, room for solos and some great grooves.
— Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz