The Gristle of Knuckles

Eve de Castro-Robinson


As it's title suggests, Eve de Castro-Robinson's The Gristle of Knuckles packs a brilliant punch!

While it is impossible to categorise her diverse body of work, these recordings were inspired by the idea of gathering collaborators from a range of disciplines and letting them loose on improvisational reworkings of Eve’s compositions.

Ashley Brown, Mere Boynton, Delaney Davidson, Eve de Castro-Robinson, Kevin Field, Steve Garden, Nathan Haines, Don McGlashan, Kingsley Melhuish, Callum Passells, Ron Samsom

Produced by Eve de Castro-Robinson and Steve Garden
Recorded by John Kim
Mixed and mastered by Steve Garden
Designed by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

Released: 25 February 2018
Catalogue: RAT-D078