Steve’s contribution to Rattle is central to the label’s evolution, and his hands-on involvement with every facet of production — from artist & repertoire to project management and audio production, to overseeing the design, manufacturing, promotion, and marketing of every album — ensures the high production values that music lovers equate with Rattle releases. His eye for detail informs every project (reflected by the impressive number of award-winning and critically acclaimed titles in the label’s catalogue), but of equal importance is the quality of the relationships the label fosters with its roster of artists.

While he stands behind every album released on Rattle, he has a particular fondness for albums with a strong improvisational character, albums such as Tuhonohono, Te Ku Te Whe, The Gristle of Knuckles, Ponguru, Te More, Dialogos, Utterance, Two Tides, and more recently an album he is particularly proud of, Rewa. But he is equally proud of projects by artists such as Michael Houstoun (Trois, Diabelli Variations, and the Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas), Jonathan Crayford (Dark Light and East West Moon), Roger Manins (Trio, The Thing, No Dogs Allowed), and NZTrio (Sway, Vicissitudes, Lightbox), as well as the impressive talent of Lixin Zhang to name only a few of the many artists Steve enjoys working with and going to bat for in his role as "Mr Rattle".