Giannouli | Thorne | Garden


Getting rave reviews at home and abroad, this powerful work from Tania Giannouli and Rob Thorne stands as a compelling example of Rattle's dedication to music that transcends generic boundaries.

The ancient cultures of Greece and Aotearoa inform this expressive set of textural tapestries from pianist Tania Giannouli and one of the leading taonga pūoro exponents, Rob Thorne.

Rewa was recorded over a two-day period in May 2017, less than a day after Tania and Rob met for the first time. It was a potentially risky endeavour, but they agreed in advance that if nothing tangible came out of the session they would simply put it down to experience, little knowing that they were about to lay the foundations for an exceptional new album.

Tania Giannouli (piano)
Rob Thorne (taonga puoro)
Steve Garden (treatments, mixing)

All compositions © Tania Giannouli, Rob Thorne, Steve Garden, 2017

Produced by Steve Garden, Tania Giannouli, and Rob Thorne
Recorded by Giorgos Karyotis and Giannis Mpaxevanis at Antart Studio, Athens
Additional engineering by Costas Bokos at Studio 19, Athens
Mixed and mastered by Steve Garden at Garden Shed Music Studio
Cover and landscape photography by Savvas Lazaridis
Designed by Carolyn van Hoeve of UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Released: 21 June 2018
Catalogue: RAT-D083