Whāia Te Māramatanga

Rob Thorne

Whaia Te Maramatanga weaves together many of Rob Thorne’s (Ngati Tumutumu) life paths and passions, as a musician, social anthropologist, a Maori, and a healing practitioner.

The legacy of Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns, solidified with the groundbreaking and highly influential Te Ku Te Whe (Rattle, 1994) continues through a new generation of taonga pūoro exponents, and few are as immersed in the practice or offer such originality of expression as Rob Thorne, an original new voice in the evolution of taonga pūoro with a sound born of commitment, knowledge, passion and humility.

Where one might see Richard Nunns as a pioneer in bringing traditional Maori instruments back into public awareness, Rob Thorne is moving it forward creatively in new directions." — David Famularo

Rob Thorne - nga taonga puoro
Produced by Rob Thorne and Steve Garden
Engineered by Steve Garden
Designed by Carolyn van Hoeve of UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

Released: 06 February 2013
Catalogue: RAT0D041