Songs for Heroes

From Scratch

Phil Dadson and From Scratch are heroes on the New Zealand cultural landscape, visionary artists who imbue their creative practice with deep personal and political conviction.

Heroes are travellers who journey into uncharted regions of human experience to “tame the tigers" which dwell there. Songs for Heroes is a tribute to these people, echoing their search with a journey through rhythm and melody, a quest to satisfy not just the ear, but also the heart and the soul.

Featuring Phil Dadson, Neville Hall, James McCarthy, and Walter Muller

Produced by From Scratch, recorded by Steve Garden

Released: 15 October 1991
Catalogue: RAT-D002

From Scratch.jpg

"The awareness and use of space in this music suggest a physical sense of the Pacific unlike anything else I’ve heard."
Nick Bollinger, THE LISTENER

"Music from wise heads... making percussion do more than you ever thought it could... life-affirming in a very accomplished way."
Russell Brown, RIP IT UP

"A sublime ending, one that demands a few moments of awed silence."
Peter Wells, MUSIC IN NZ

"There's an old saying that once on the tiger's back, there is no getting off."
Phil Dadson