Different Tracks

Rattle Artists

From diverse traditions, the contemporary artists who contribute to Different Tracks are moving beyond the conventional: developing new techniques, mapping new territories, making new tracks in the search for inventive, technically rigorous, and emotionally engaging music.

Featuring compositions and performances by Peter Haeder, Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns, Brendan Power, Steve Garden, Christopher Wilson, Nigel Gavin, Phil Dadson and From Scratch, Douglas Beilman, James Tennant, Eve de Castro-Robinson, Peter Scholes, David Guerin, Bruce McKinnon, and John Psathas

Coordinating producer: Steve Garden
Executive producers: Keith Hill & Tim Gummer
Artwork and design: Gail Haffern
Design coordinator: Ideology
Photography: Ka Segerberg

This project was made possible with the generous assistance of the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of NZ and the NZ Composers' Foundation

Released: 27 August 1993
Catalogue: RAT-D003


Different Tracks is a collection of ‘sound maps’ written and performed by individuals keen to explore the soundscape they inhabit. As befits a land into which many and varied influences have poured, these are highly individual pieces with singular textures and distinct aural palettes. What they have in common is that each starts from the base of inherited musical traditions, but the way these have been selected, blended and transformed by the aesthetic and cultural sensibilities of each artist marks them as unique and individual journeys.

In hindsight one can now see the profound manifesto this album laid down for Rattle Records, and the many remarkable albums the label was to release.

“If Different Tracks were to only provide a platform for the healthy diversity and possibilities within this area of New Zealand Music, then it would still be welcome. That it offers such fascinating, demanding, rewarding and contemporary music seems an almost unexpected bonus.”
Graham Reid, NZ HERALD