Martin Riseley | Diedre Irons

The variation is at the foundation of many forms of music. From the cantus firmus of the 13th century, to the ground bass of the passacaglia, through jazz and blues, it is an integral component of musical expression. It was particularly important during the classical period, when ‘Theme and Variations’ was a form all of its own.

For Stradivariazioni, Martin and Diedre selected a programme that demonstrates various elements of the form: the unifying theme of Schubert’s brilliant Fantasy, tension and release in the last movement of Beethoven’s final violin sonata, the technical possibilities in Ravel’s Tzigane, and a set of variations by Stephan Prock in which each variation captures the composer's idea of a different violin by Stradivari, and its unique character.

Ludwig van Beethoven — Sonata Opus 96
Stephan Prock — Stradivariazioni
Maurice Ravel — Tzigane
Franz Schubert — Fantasie in C, Opus posth. 159 D. 934

Produced by Dave Lisik (
Recorded by Dr. David Lisik
Assisted by Jack Hooker
Mastered by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc

Released: 13 December 2011
Catalogue: RAT-D032