Invenium Viam

Inbal Megiddo | Jorge Sosa | Dave Lisik

Big, bold, and ballsy, this set of works are not for the faint of heart. Guided by producer Dave Lisik and flanked by the electronic wizardry of Jorge Sosa, Inbal Megiddo takes to the cello with fearless abandon.

Inbal Megiddo (cello)
Jorge Sosa (electronics)
Dave Lisik (electronics)

Music composed by Jorge Sosa (Copyright © 2011, Jorge Sosa, ASCAP) and Dave Lisik (Copyright © 2011, Galloping Cow Music, ASCAP) with improvisations by Inbal Megiddo

Produced and recorded by Dave Lisik
Edited and mixed by Jorge Sosa
Mastered by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc

Released: 19 December 2011
Catalogue: RAT-D033