Tuhonohono weaves the musical traditions of classical, world, and jazz. The ancient sounds of taonga puoro and piano combine to create music that is reflective, playful, and mysterious.

Whie working on Gillian Whitehead’s Ipu, (1998) Richard, Judy, and Steve conceived a project that would explore the sonic and musical interplay between piano and taonga puoro. The starting point for Tuhonohono was to record improvisations loosely based on thematic springboards such as ‘birth’, ‘childhood’, and ‘play’, and to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of Richard's extensive collection of taonga puoro.

Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)
Judy Bailey (piano)
Steve Garden (treatments and arrangements)

Produced by Steve Garden, Judy Bailey, and Richard Nunns
Recorded by Steve Garden at The Adam Room
Principal instrument maker (Te Taonga Puoro), Brian Flintoff
Cover photography Keith Hill
Original cover design by Tim Gummer Design
Revamped cover design (2011) by UnkleFranc

Released: 11 November 2004
Catalogue: RAT-D011