Kafka Take Notes


Kafka Take Notes

A story about organ shells and percussion strings

I met Tania Giannouli remotely before I actually met her. I was looking for something online, and accidentally came upon a website where a New Zealand blogger spoke enthusiastically about her first release on Rattle Records.

Six years and three albums later, my enthusiasm for Tania’s music remains ecstatic. Her music is rare, with a classical literacy as well as free jazz associations (according to the discogs), and she brings a freedom to her musical interpretions where she can work with any sound or in any geographic location she chooses to swim.

Years ago, a friend brought me two Maori shells to play, which I do whenever I’m in the mood. In fact, they are two musical instruments from the taonga pūoro family, which translatea as "The Singing Treasures". Who would have thought that one day I would come across a record on which these organic sounds would accompany the unique musical strands that a Greek musician carries in her heart.



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