Described as a “national treasure” and “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble” (William Dart, NZ Herald), NZTrio is renowned for its eclectic repertoire, outstanding talent and warm kiwi stage presence. The trio smash outmoded preconceptions of classical music being stuffy or intimidating by presenting a fresh and approachable style that appeals to listeners from all walks of life. 

NZTrio is a respected ambassador of contemporary New Zealand music. As a sector-leading ensemble, NZTrio holds a remarkable track record of over 50 new commissions to date (more than 2/3 from NZ composers). Touring widely around the country and internationally, as well as regular album recordings, the trio deftly showcases their commissions alongside other skillfully-matched contemporary and classical master works, proudly featuring at least one New Zealand composition in every NZTrio concert.