Passing By

Jack Body


Passing By is a wonderfully eclectic album of chamber music from one of New Zealand’s most admired and innovative composers, the inimitable Jack Body.

Over the last years of his life, Jack worked at a near-superhuman pace to realize a number of projects. Featuring recent recordings from NZTrio, Kronos Quartet, Stephen De Pledge, Stroma, Del Sol Quartet, New Music Works, David Radzynski, and Ensemble Nomad, Passing By is an insightful, stirring, highly entertaining, at times witty, ultimately profound portrait of one of this country’s most treasured artists.

Produced and curated by Jack Body, compiled and mastered by Steve Garden, cover artwork by Jack Body, designed by Carolyn van Hoeve at UnkleFranc, printing and packaging by Dave Trotter at Studio Q

Released: 08 May 2015
Catalogue: RAT-D057