WildSonicBlooms is the name given to the group of musicians assembled by Jeremy Mayall in December 2016 to collaborate on a series of semi-improvised recordings for the album, Where We Overlap.

The album is a musical collaboration between Mayall, Kent Macpherson, Haco, Horomona Horo, Reuben Bradley, and Megan Rogerson-Berry. The project was recorded over a two-day period, which was the first time the ensemble had either met or collectively worked together. It is perhaps for this reason that the music they created has such a precise and delicate quality, in which the very process of listening, responding, and supporting one another is palpably apparent in each beautifully nuanced composition.


Jeremy Mayall is a composer and performer with a fascination for the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. An enthusiastic creative collaborator, he works in music, sound art, installation, multi-sensory and multimedia formats. Jeremy was the Mozart Fellow (composer-in-residence) at Otago University in 2014-2015 and is currently a  lecturer at Wintec.


Kent Macpherson is a composer, sonic artist, and field recordist who uses contact microphones and hydrophones to capture resonances in natural and man-made structures. His practice includes capturing hidden sound, improvisation, performance, and electro-acoustic composition, and his compositional process invariably involves the manipulation of field recordings using a variety of digital and analog technologies.


Reuben Bradley is a drummer/composer whose extensive work with local and international performers has fostered a deep creative passion for new music, as well as the technical and musical versatility of a first rate session musician. He features on numerous highly acclaimed Rattle releases, and recently completed a Masters in Composition, which will take his love of new music even further.


Mentored by Dr Hirini Melbourne and Dr Richard Nunns, Horomona Horo is a leading exponent of taonga puoro (the traditional instruments of Maori), which he performs in a range of cultural and musical situations. He brings his unique musical sensibilities and broad experience of traditional Maori music to the ever-developing language of global music, and  does so with great with cultural integrity and strength.

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Haco is a Japanese singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound artist known for her work with After Dinner and Hoahio, among others. Following formal studies in acoustics, electronic music, and recording technology in 1980, she came to international attention fronting the group After Dinner (active between 1981–1991). In addition to her more conventional album releases, Haco has also worked as a sound art and installation artist.


Megan Rogerson-Berry is a composer and performer based in Hamilton, New Zealand. She is mostly known as a songwriter, and has worked on a range of local projects including two albums with her indie-folk band, The Heartbreak Kids. Her musical research is focussed on notions of queerness in popular music. She also teaches Music Theory, Performance and Songwriting at the School of Media Arts, Wintec.

Photography by Mark Hamilton and Kaycie O’Connor