Featuring three of the most innovative and exciting voices on the New Zealand jazz scene, Trio set the standard for Rattle jazz releases to come.

Roger Manins is has been described as "an outstandingly gifted musician with a passionate sound, remarkable instrumental ability and total musical integrity”, and few would disagree that he is a blistering force in a new generation of highly talented jazz artists.

Roger Manins (sax)
Mostyn Cole (bass)
Reuben Bradley (drums)

Produced by Steve Garden and Roger Manins
Engineered by Steve Garden
Mixed by Steve Garden and Roger Manins
Design by UnkleFranc

This project was made possible with support from the University of Auckland Faculty Research Development Fund

Released: 02 February 2010
Catalogue: RAT-J-1002

Rattle’s second foray into contemporary New Zealand jazz is a more daring affair. Opening with a 20-minute piece of every-changing moods, deft rhythms and sometimes-surreptitious saxophone is a clear statement of intent. It says that these people, the label and the musicians, are serious.
— Graham Reid, REAL GROOVE