Reuben Bradley


Lessons with master drummer Barry Altschul changed Reuben Bradley's musical landscape forever, and this self-penned album is the ear-pinning result.

Resonator references the traditions of jazz while pursuing various rhythms, textures, and moods that reflect Reuben’s unique musical personality. The album is rich in musical diversity, where high art meets organic improvisation and eclectic contemporary grooves. This is original music for modern ears: energetic, expressive, conceptually expansive, fearless inventive, open, and inviting.

Reuben Bradley (drums)
Mostyn Cole (bass)
Roger Manins (saxophone)
Miles Crayford (piano)
with Kirsten Te Rito (vocals), James Illingworth (synth), and Tom Callwood (arco bass)

Produced by Reuben Bradley
Engineered by Richard Caigo
Mixed and mastered by Mike Gibson
Designed by The International Office

Released: 07 July 2010
Catalogue: RAT-J-1003

This new album on Rattle proves again there is a depth of New Zealand jazz talent to be encouraged and taken to a wider audience. There is a lot of rewarding listening on this album, which is rather more challenging and therefore exciting than most New Zealand jazz albums of the moment.
— Graham Reid, Elsewhere