Mantis: the music of Drew Menzies

While these recordings are by no means definitive, they are an example of the openness of Drew’s writing, and a fine expression of the respect and enthusiasm with which his music is regarded by the assembled musicians and arrangers. Reuben’s vision for this project was so infectious that each collaborator was willing to freely support the project, and the results speak for themselves – warm, lucid, generous performances, captured and presented with great affection and skill.

NZ String Quartet, James Illingworth (piano), Roger Manins (sax), Matt Penman (bass), Reuben Bradley (drums), John Psathas (string arrangements)

Produced by Reuben Bradley, recorded by Richard Caigou, mixed by Steve Garden, John Psathas, and Reuben Bradley, designed by The International Office, printed by Studio Q

Released: 13 December 2012
Catalogue: RAT-J-1014