Another Time Another Place

David Friesen Trio

Recorded live in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the CJC jazz club in Auckland at the end of their 2015 tour, Reuben Bradley (drums), Dixon Nacey (guitar), and American bass playing legend David Friesen deliver a 70 minute set of full-on contemporary jazz.

It’s rare to find musicians who are gifted band-leaders, perceptive team-players, skilled performers and composers roilled into one, but David Friesen manages it all with seemingly effortless aplomb. His music is vital and engaging, and these recordings literally crackle with creative energy.

David Friesen (bass)
Reuben Bradley (drums)
Dixon Nacey (guitar)

Produced by David Friesen
Engineered by Steve Garden
Designed by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

Released: 20 October 2017
Catalogue: RAT-J-1037

Boasting a 75+ album career as a leader, David performs with the creative energy and searching invention of musicians half his age. While Reuben Bradley and Dixon Nacey match him phrase for phrase, and note for note, their keenly attentive focus on Friesen is palpable on every track.

Another Time Another Place owes much of its drive and intensity to the fact that this music was created in the moment before an audience hanging on every note. It’s the sort of visceral energy that only comes from the creative concentration of playing before an audience, especially when that audience is sitting literally inches away.

Playing with David is a real treat; not only does he bring a wealth of experience to the music, but more importantly he brings a vibrant energy to his playing and composing. His music demands a high level of commitment, but the payback is traversing its depths more completely and communally.
— Reuben Bradley