Jonathan Besser

Inspired by the meditative beauty of Javanese gamelan, Jonathan Besser’s new album, CAMPURSARI, takes its title from an Indonesian musical term used to describe music that combines Western and gamelan instruments. While Jonathan has worked frequently with gamelan, this is the first time he has written specifically for them, rather than using them (as has been his practice over the years) in improvisational settings.

Chris O’Connor (drums)
Peter Scott (bass)
Nigel Gavin (guitar)
Miranda Adams (violin, gamelan)
Tatiana Lanchtchikova (accordion)
Robert Ashworth (viola)
John Bell (vibes)
Jon Segovia (pedal steel)

Produced and recorded by Steve Garden
Executive production by Keith Hill
Artwork by Max Gimblett & Jonathan Besser
Poems by Chris Price
Photography by Sarah Guppy & Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q
Jim Langabeer (flute)
Andrew Pask (soprano saxophone — recorded by Wayne Peet)
Caroline Lynn (voice on We go without angels)

All music composed by Jonathan Besser (© 2011)

Camursari Suite
The Sweet Perfume, the Mysterious Air (12:41)
Five Candle Boats (6:09)
Forever, Unrequited (5:11)

Featherless Wings Suite
The Mourning Tree (6:13)
Longing for the Near Horizon (5:45)
The Day Becomes What You Are (4:49)
...and the Hills Will Start Their Chanting (6:35)

Secretos Suite
Shine (4:56)
Miriam’s Dance (4:47)
We Go Without Language (7:19)
To Remake the Night for Fish (12:21)

Released: 14 September 2011
Catalogue: RAT-D024