Te Hekenga-a-rangi

Nunns | Melbourne | Yates-Smith

BEST MAORI ALBUM finalist 2004 (CD + DVD)

Te Hekenga-a-rangi celebrates the life and work of Hirini Melbourne. Less of a follow up to Te Ku Te Whe than a broadening of its themes and concepts, this time with greater emphasis on the feminine dimension of taonga puoro.

Te Hekenga-ä-rangi were an ancient people, said to have originated in the heavens and then to have occupied this land, Aotearoa. The name encapsulates the sense of voices or sounds being relayed from the spiritual realm, from the very gods themselves. Embodied in stones, shells and nature itself are female deities whose stories are woven into this journey of song. Strands of this recital encompass Täne’s ascent to the heavens and his eventual return to Papatüänuku.

Includes an accompanying DVD featuring films directed by Keith Hill.

Produced by Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns, and Steve Garden
Executive production and art direction by Tim Gummer
Engineered and arranged by Steve Garden
Te Taonga Puooro by Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns
Voices by Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns & Aroha Yates-Smith
Additional percussion by Steve Garden & Aroha Yates-Smith
Photography by Maureen Lander & Tim Gummer

Nä te Mängai Päho me te Toi Aotearoa i tautoko mai tënei mahi kia tutuki ai ngä moemoeä.

This project was made possible thanks to generous assistance from Te Mängai Päho and Creative New Zealand

Released: 10 June 2003
Catalogue: RAT-D010