Featuring renowned taonga pūoro exponent Richard Nunns, Redaction is a cross-genre excursion into two seemingly disparate worlds: the ancient landscape of Maori, and the jazz-tinged realm of contemporary improvisation.

In 2013, photographic artist Veronica Hodgkinson engaged Richard Nunns and Mark Lockett to record a series of spontaneous improvisations that would serve as aural soundscapes for an exhibition. Jeff Henderson was later invited to rework the recordings into an album, and Redaction is the fascinating result.

Both the images and the music sought connections and commonalities through the non-verbalized intuitive creativity of the artists. Working with an intentionally limited sound palette, the musicians responded to each other with a musical and emotional directness born of unmediated artistsic impulses.

Produced by Jeff Henderson, recorded by Steve Garden, cover image by Veronica Hodgkinson, designed by UnkleFranc, printed by Studio Q

Released: 10 July 2015
Catalogue: RAT-D060