Hikoi and Journey are two works cut from the same cloth. Hikoi is a selection of musical conversations between Richard Nunns and Paul Dyne, two friends with a musical relationship spanning four decades. Journey is an elaboration on the ‘source material’ of Hikoi, from which Dave Lisik fashioned a suite of pieces for an improvising ensemble. This double-disc album offers a fascinating comparison between the relative minimalism of Hikoi and the sonic intricaties of Journey.

Improvisational conversations between Richard Nunns (taonga püoro) and Paul Dyne (bass)

Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)
Paul Dyne (bass)
Amy Rempel (piano)
Tim Hopkins (tenor saxophone)
Jorge Sosa (electronics)
Dave Lisik (electronics)

Composed by Dave Lisik (Copyright © 2011, Galloping Cow Music, ASCAP) with improvisations by Richard Nunns, Paul Dyne, Amy Rempel, Tim Hopkins, and Jorge Sosa

Produced, recorded and mixed by Dave Lisik
Mastering by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Released: 22 December 2011
Catalogue: RAT-D036