Our Own Sweet Way

Crayford | Sellers | Dyne

Jonathan Crayford, Roger Sellers and Paul Dyne have performed together for many years in a variety of settings and on numerous recordings. They often talked about playing together on a regular weekly basis, and finally got the chance over a long season at Havana Bar in Wellington, where the tunes on this album were played to enthusiastic audiences packed into the tiny venue every Wednesday night.

The trio enjoyed the experience so much that the next logical step was to capture it on record. All three have recorded original music extensively, but the concept for this album was to feature standards by some of the great jazz composers, tunes that encourage soloists to stretch and ensembles to swing, but above all, to make music!

Jonathan Crayford (piano)
Roger Sellers (drums)
Paul Dyne (bass)

Produced by Paul Dyne
Recorded by Richard Caigou
Mixed by Dave Lisik
Mastered by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Released: 12 November 2012
Catalogue: IA-1003