BEST JAZZ ARTIST finalist 2018

Hayden Chisholm, Norman Meehan, and Paul Dyne were rightly nominated as Jazz Artists of the Year for creating an album of near-transcendent beauty.

Following Small Holes in the Silence, an album of settings of New Zealand poetry, saxophonist Hayden Chisholm and pianist Norman Meehan teamed up with bass player Paul Dyne to create an album of near-transcendent beauty.

Recorded at the end of Hayden's New Zealand tour in November 2016, Unwind features a set of beautifully played original compositions. Hayden's exquisite saxophone is front and centre, but it is the intuitive and understated musicality of this highly experienced trio that makes this recording such a special listening experience indeed.

Hayden Chisholm (sax)
Norman Meehan (piano
Paul Dyne (bass)

Produced by Thomas Voyce, Paul Dyne, and Norman Meehan
Engineered by Thomas Voyce
Mastered by Mike Gibson
Designed by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

Released: 12 October 2017
Catalogue: RAT-J-1036