Hayden Chisholm, Norman Meehan, and Paul Dyne follow their award-nominated debut, Unwind (2017), with this beautiful CD|DVD set. Recorded at Orange Studio in Christchurch, the accompanying DVD features 30 minutes of material from a live ‘in-the-studio’ concert.

Hayden Chisholm (saxophone, shruti box, throat singing)
Norman Meehan (piano)
Paul Dyne (bass)

Produced by Thomas Voyce, with Hayden Chisholm, Norman Meehan, and Paul Dyne
Recorded by Thom O’Connor at Orange Studios, Christchurch
Mixed and mastered by Thomas Voyce at Rhombus Studios, Wellington
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Music recorded and mixed by Thom O’Connor
Video filmed by Alex Shaw and Michael Bell
Video editing by Charlotte Crone
DVD authoring by Connah Hazelwood at Open Lab, Wellington

Thanks to John and Lynda Matthews (our hosts on tour), Terry Parkes at The Nice Hotel, Roger Manins and Ben McNicol at CJC, Jeff Henderson at the Audio Foundation, Gerde Leenards and Lindsay Missen, Chris Buckland at the Rogue and Vagabond, Pete and Nancy at the Dharma Shed, Kris Finnerty and Charlotte Crone at Orange Studio, Glenda Keam and Naomi van den Broek at New Music Central. Gilbert Haisman, David Paige, John and Kate McCombs, and our families.

Thanks also to Thom O’Connor for capturing the music beautifully, and Thomas Voyce for making it all sound so lovely

This music was made in Aotearoa New Zealand

Released: 26 October 2018
Catalogue: RAT-J-1043