Tim Hopkins

If you need proof of that renaissance, and of Tim’s place within it, look no further than Seven.

This album is slightly unusual in that it was conceived as a bass-less trio of saxophone, guitar, and drums, a choice that sets this fine piece of work apart from the pack in more ways than one. Dixon Nacey (guitar) and John Rae (drums) shine in this setting, and the inclusion of Richard Nunns (taonga puoro) on Road From Perdition and The Sleeping Giants is inspired.

“Seven is a stunning statement from an extraordinary musician at the peak of his powers. Energy, drama, virtuosity and creativity, this music has it all. A landmark recording!” — Mike Nock, Sept 2011

Tim Hopkins (sax), Dixon Nacey (guitar), John Rae (drums), Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)

Produced, written, and arranged by Tim Hopkins, recorded by Richard Caigou, mixed by Steve Garden, designed by UnklFranc

Released: 28 September 2011
Catalogue: RAT-J-1007