The Curse of the Queen's Diamond

Dave Lisik

Canadian-born composer and trumpeter Dave Lisik came to New Zealand in early 2010 to teach jazz composition at NZSM. In a relatively short time he initiated a number of diverse and exciting projects, the first of which was this superb album.

This is a highly concentrated work, intimate, searching, playful, expansive, and intensely focused. This is jazz at its most probing and exploratory, an album for connoisseurs.

Dave Lisik (trumpet & electronics)
Colin Hemmingsen (bass clarinet)
Amy Rempel (piano)
Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)
Paul Dyne (acoustic bass)

Produced, recorded, edited, and mixed by David Lisik
Mastered by Steve Garden
Photographic artwork by Viky Garden
Design by UnkleFranc

All music composed by Dave Lisik (Copyright © 2011, Galloping Cow Music, ASCAP)

Released: 28 April 2011
Catalogue: RAT-J-1005

Featuring a stellar ensemble by local standards, you’d have to have ears of cloth and a soul of cast iron not to get a charge from ensemble playing like this. The album is the perfect vindication of Rattle’s philosophy that they are not interested in musical barriers.
— William Dart, The Critic's Chair