2 (Two)

Hip Flask

Hip Flask is an Australasian ensemble formed in the early 2000's by Kiwi saxophonist, Roger Manins. Their first album (included as an extra disc in this package) was recorded in 2001, and this new recording features the same line-up of Australian jazz heavyweights. The result is a vibrant, deeply attractive album, driven by killer grooves and an unapologetic love melody. This is music brimming with the sheer joy of groove.

Not one but TWO albums! This album comes with a repressing of Hip Flask’s fantastic 2001 release.

Roger Manins (sax), Stu Hunter (organ), Adam Ponting (piano), Brendan Clarke (bass), Toby Hall (drums)

Produced by Roger Manins & Hip Flask,
Engineered by David Nicholas,
Mixed by Stu Hunter,
Mastered by William Boweden,

Photography by John Fenton,
Designed by UnkleFranc,
Printed by Studio Q

Released: 17 September 2014
Catalogue: RAT-J-1023