I stayed a minute

Eve de Castro-Robinson

I stayed a minute was conceived by Eve de Castro-Robinson as a limited edition vinyl release. Featuring the work of photographer, Harvey Benge. This beautiful hardbound LP/book is a highly-collectable objet d'art that celebrates the work of two highly-regarded artists working at the peak of their powers.

The two compositions on this album form a diptych for piano, voice, and percussion featuring Auckland pianist Dean Sky-Lucas. Each piece is divided into three movements with suggestive poetic titles drawn from some of Eve's favourite writers. Both are concerned with a similar range of sonic explorations, from the ritualistic, meditative pulsing of repeated notes, to more restless and dynamic figures on the keyboard and beyond. As Eve often does in her music, the sonic palette is extended to include vocalising, percussion, and interior piano.

Produced by Eve de Castro-Robinson, engineered by Steve Garden, designed by UnkleFranc, printed by Studio Q

Released: 08 April 2016
Catalogue: RAT-D063