Making Baby Float

Meehan | Manhire | Griffin

On one level, Making Baby Float is the follow-up to Norman Meehan and Bill Manhire’s successful 2010 release, Buddhist Rain, but it is more than that. This is a concert album, a single performance that captures the natural essence of the material and the vital energy of a live musical event, but it is also a film. Directed by Keith Hill, In Concert is a beautifully made 68-minute document of the concert, which includes additional songs to those selected for the CD. Once again, Hannah Griffin’s contribution is pivotal to the tone, texture, and emotional weight of the recording, and she takes ownership of the compositions as only the very best interpreters do.

Hannah Griffin (vocals)
Norman Meehan (piano)
Colin Hemmingsen (clarinets, sax)
Wade Reeve (guitar, backing vocals)
Nick Tipping (bass, backing vocals)
Ruth Armishaw (backing vocals)
Mara Simpson (backing vocals)
Bill Manhire (poetry readings, DVD only)

Choir on Across the Water:
Katie Merryweather, Chrissie Hart, Nikki Aitkin, Andrew Matheson

Produced by Norman Meehan
Music recorded by Neil Maddever
Concert sound by Richard Caigou
Mixing and mastering by Steve Garden
Design by UnkleFranc

Film produced and directed by Keith Hill for Attar Films © 2011
Poetry written by Bill Manhire © 2011
Music composed by Norman Meehan © 2011

Released: 22 November 2011
Catalogue: RAT-D030