Ukiyo features Portuguese percussionist Pedro Carneiro performing some of John Psathas's most challenging and exciting work to date.

Ukiyo is the fourth Rattle release by one of New Zealand’s most accomplished and highly regarded composers, John Psathas. This album may appear to be something of a departure for a composer renowned for his visceral orchestral work, but the mix of sampled and midi-based timbres bring vivid colour and resonance to these intricate and exacting pieces.

Featuring Pedro Carneiro, Jeremy Fitzsimons, Tim Prebble, and Stroma conducted by Hamish McKeich

Produced by John Psathas
Engineered by Steve Garden
Edited and mixed by Steve Garden and John Psathas
All music published by Promethean Editions
Design by UnkleFranc

Released: 12 April 2010
Catalogue: RAT-D018

The most extended work on the disc is Psyzgysm for solo percussion and chamber ensemble. The outer sections of the work are often breathtakingly exciting, fusing virtuoso jazz with a Middle-Eastern melodic style. The phenomenal Pedro Carneiro describes the piece as ‘rushing down hill on a bike with no brakes’. Expertly engineered, edited, and mixed, this is another winner for the Rattle label. Anyone who’s enjoyed previous John Psathas albums is going to love this.
— Pressing On, Radio NZ (May 20, 2010)