The Gaia Theory

Omar Carmenates

The music on THE GAIA THEORY brims with vitality and optimism, beautifully composed tapestries of sonic and textural colours that have been recorded and produced with great precision and taste, and performed with enormous skill, dexterity and enthusiasm.

Every piece is a gem, from the cross-cultural connections in the music of John Psathas (whose exquisite Waiting:Still is here presented in two stunning arrangements), to the unique use of found objects in Christopher Deane’s excellent The Scavenger’s Footprints. Setting the tone for the album, Scott Lindroth’s sublime Bell Plates seamlessly (and quite marvellously) integrates electronics into the mix, a gorgeous, very appealing work from a highly accomplished composer.

Performed by Omar Carmenates with:
Justin Alexander (track 2)
Brian Nozny (tracks 2, 7)
Luis Rivera (tracks 2, 3, 4, 8)
Matthew Filosa (tracks 3)
Sidonie Wade (tracks 2)
Tommy Dobbs (tracks 3)
Melinda Leoce Wade (tracks 4, 7, 8)

Produced and recorded by John W. Parks IV at the Florida State University Percussion Studio, assisted by Justin Alexander, Matthew Filosa & Brian Nozny
Editing and mixing by John W. Parks IV, Omar Carmenates, Justin Alexander, & Brian Nozny
Mastered by Steve Garden at Garden Shed, Auckland, NZ
Design by UnkleFranc
Printed by Studio Q

This recording was made possible with generous support from the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability, and a Research and Professional Growth Grant from Furman University

1. Bell Plates 08:57
2. … folded … 08:43
3. 4BY4 08:28
4. Waiting:Still (version 1) 05:18
5. The Scavenger's Footprints 07:19
6. Requiem 07:26
7. Once, in a Grove of Tamarisk 19:26
8. Waiting:Still (version 2) 05:16

Released: 29 November 2012
Catalogue: RAT-D039